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Sound level SPL, pressure, pascal, and intensity level (SIL) conversion Speed of sound in air and the significant temperature calculation
Table of sound pressure levels − Sound pressure and intensity Speed of sound (velocity of sound) in humid air calculation
Microphone sensitivity conversion dB re 1 V/Pa − Transfer factor mV/Pa Speed of sound, the temperature, and not the air pressure
Voltage (volt) to level dBu and dBV conversion and vice versa Temperature dependence of acoustic quantities
Sound pressure, particle velocity, impedance, sound intensity calculation Room modes calculation − Axial, tangential, and oblique modes
Electrical voltage, current, resistance, and power calculation Standing waves on a string and room modes between parallel walls
Formula Wheel of Acoustics − Most important Formulas Room modes − Standing waves in air − Bass reflections at walls
Formula Wheel of Electro Engineering − Most important formulas Room modes and vibrations of strings compared - Standing waves
Frequency ratio (interval) to cents conversion and vice versa Comb filters − Dips and peaks − Delay time and Interference (ITDG)
Period, cycle duration, periodic time to frequency calculation Bandwidth in octaves to Q factor (filter) conversion and vice versa
Harmonics and Overtones, calculated from the Fundamental Q Factor and filter center frequency − Find −3 dB cutoff frequencies
The decibel calculator (dB) − A valuable tool Filter slope or steepness (dB/oct) is really not bandwidth
Thermal noise calculation − Johnson noise − White noise calculator Voltage V to dBu, dBV, and dBm − power level dBm calculator
Time constant and cut-off frequency conversion − Equalization (EQ filter) Reverb time RT60 after Sabine calculation − room acoustic parameter
RC filter cutoff frequency and time constant calculation Reverberation time RT60 to Sound decay rate conversion
Adding decibels − Combining up to ten (10) acoustic levels Absorption coefficients of building materials and finishes
Adding decibels − Combining up to thirty (30) sound levels Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit − Temperature comparison
Sones and phons loudness conversion and the problem with dBA Measurement of input impedance and output impedance
Interconnection of two audio units − Voltage bridging − Zout < Zin ALcons and STI speech − Intelligibility conversion
Levels in decibels and references of sound quantities − Calculation XLC reactance calculator with frequency
Total level in decibels − Adding of incoherent sound sources Voltage divider calculation − Open-circuit and loaded circuit
Total level in decibels − Adding of coherent electrical signals Voltage divider calculation − Unloaded (voltage drop)
Geometric mean − Arithmetic mean − Calculation of the center frequency Pressure units − Calculation and conversion
Sound and distance − Sound pressure and sound intensity Frequency domain of musical instruments, voices (vocals), and keyboards
Damping (decrease) of sound level with distance r (noise propagation) Magnetic flux in nWb per meter and conversion to flux level in dB
Time difference Δ t and sound path d distance conversion Relationship of acoustic quantities − Plane progressive sound wave
Frequency to wavelength conversion and vice versa (sound and light) Bits and bytes conversion − Kibibits and other prefixes
Wavelength of an acoustic wave in air calculation (sound waves) Resistor color code calculator − Values with 4 or 5 color bands
Bel to decibel conversion and more ... (Level Prefixes Conversion) Data transfer rate units conversion − Bits per second = bps
Factor, ratio, gain to a level value conversion (Gain, decibels, dB) Air damping formulae (High frequencies / Dissipation) calculation
Amplification (gain) and damping (loss) in dB − Computation Extension angle of the orchestra calculation (microphone position)
Decibels to voltage gain / loss conversion − Amplification / damping Fletcher-Munson is not Robinson-Dadson − ISO 226:2003
Decibel (dB) calculation − Amplification and damping − Gain and loss Unit conversion table − Conversion of units
dB chart for voltages and powers − Relative level and absolute level Nepers to decibels conversion and vice versa
Voltage and power gain calculation L pad for loudspeaker damping calculation − Voltage divider
Capacitive reactance calculator XC (Condenser Capacity) Cross-sectional area to diameter for round wires and cables
Amplitude sum in dB (voltage) and power sum calculation Cable length, cable capacity, and the cutoff frequency calculation
Phase angle, time delay, and frequency calculation Why does proximity effect occur? − Shure Pro Audio
Normal equal-loudness level contours from 2003 (new) Direction of phantom sources by calculation of Δ L and Δ t
gif file: ISO 226:2003 − Normal equal-loudness contours (new) Compare sound power and sound pressure in a distance
Ohm's law − Magic triangle − Calculator and formulae Tony Faulkner's parallel AB figure-of-eight microphone pair
Loudspeaker sensitivity to efficiency in percent conversion Tony Faulkner's Phased Array microphone system − Review
Pitch change by temperature change (variation) - wind instruments Formula symbols of electrical engineering and electroacoustics
International Level Displays dBu − Digital + analog Active Audio Filter − Low cut, high cut, and bandpass
Distortion attenuation dB to THD factor in percent conversion Absorption of sound by the atmosphere calculation
Sound pressure and the inverse distance law 1/r Direction of the phantom sources by Δ L and Δ t calculation
Sound intensity and the inverse square law 1/r² Phantom image sources − Stereo loudspeaker signals 1
Number relations (ratio) to decibel (dB) level conversion Phantom image sources − Stereo loudspeaker signals 2
Parallel resistance calculator − Find the parallel resistance How do Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) add when listening?
Resistor pairs − Reverse engineered calculator Inches and centimeters in comparison − Metric and inch ruler
Comparative representation of basic acoustic quantities − Formulas Visualization of microphone systems − SRA calc of Δ L and Δ t
Relationships of acoustic quantities SRA calculation of Δ L and Δ t for stereo microphone arrays − flash
Tuning keyboard frequencies and notes − English and German Decrease in level of sound pressure and sound intensity with distance
Chord name finder by note name entry − Chord recognition Active Audio-Filter calculation (Low cut − High cut − Bandpass)
Weighting filter calculation − Weighted dBA and dBC − Frequency Terms of audio engineering and acoustics − English and German
Amplifier, loudspeaker, and ohms − The misunderstood topic dB dBu dBV − Comparison table for PPM and VU meters
Loudness/Volume − Sound level definition and the change of factors Damping of bridging and damping factor calculation in audio
Sound pressure and Sound power – Effect and Cause Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit (°F), Kelvin (K), and °Reaumur − Formulas
Radio frequency to wavelength conversion and vice versa Sound pressure level SPL and permissible exposure time for noise
gif File: Various microphone connectors (plugs) – Sennheiser MD421 Wave graphs calculation − Amplitude, distance and time
Vowel triangle − First two formant frequencies as diagram − htm Jecklin disc (new) − A stereo microphone array with isolating baffle
gif file: Vowel triangle or vowel diagram − The first two frequencies Trygg Tryggvason: The Decca Tree − Classical Sound Recording
● The human perception of loudness − Loudness factor gain ratio Direct field D (Free field) and Reverberant field R (Diffuse field)
Combine levels of one-third octave bands to octave band David Griesinger − Man behind reverb algorithms
Pressure gradient and phase − M/S signal − omnidirectional pattern Sengpiel − Mentioned in papers of the AES (Audio Engineering Society)
EBS Stereo Microphone System − Equivalence Stereophony BPM tempo and delay to time and frequency − Conversion chart
"Live End − Dead End" − Thoughts about the Reflexion Filter BPM − Beats per minute counter and calculator
"Kaotica Eyeball" − Singing into a bucket Sound pressure conversion direct to Sound intensity and vice versa
Questions to sound waves and the amplitudes − Right answers Surprise − Sound does not come from the strings
Adding amplitudes and levels − Coherent and incoherent signals 8 Ohm Output and 150 Ohm Input − What is that?
What is amplitude? Which amplitude exactly? Two Different Boundary MicrophoneTypes − Crown PZM
Many Amplitudes − Sound field quantities of a plane wave Sound Sound Sound − pressure − sound intensity − acoustic impedance
Musical Terms - Music Glossary Terminology Words (English/German) Recording Angle (SRA) dependend on Axis Angle - X/Y microphone
Decibel (dB) to percentage (%) converter − THD Total Harmonic Distortion Excel calculatiom of localisation direction – X/Y coinzidence microphone
Length m, cm, inch, feet and yard − Ruler cm to inch conversion English and American measures to metric conversions
Temperature °F, °C, K, °Rankine and °Reaumur conversion Weight conversion milligram to kilogram and liter
Formula symbols of electrical engineering and electroacoustics Volume conversion milliliter to liter and kilogram
Measurement Unit Conversions − Unit conversion calculator Time conversion millisecond and second
Body length and height (size) calculation foot-inch to cm and vice versa Length conversion millimeter and meter
Quadratic equation solver                Convert angle to tangens Prefixes conversion                Temperature unit conversion
Time addition calculator − Add time together Length unit conversion            Time Unit conversion
Is this a prime number? Area unit conversion               Energy unit conversion
How to calculate logarithms? Volume unit conversion           Power unit conversion
Unit conversion table − Conversion of units Weight-Mass unit conversion   Density unit conversion
Alphabetical list of conversion factors Pressure unit conversion         Acceleration unit conversion
SI derived units (SI based units) Force unit conversion              Velocity or Speed unit conversion
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