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Calculations:  voltage divider or potentiometer
Unloaded or open circuitdamping pad
Voltage drop at the voltage divider

Unloaded voltage divider

Rule of thumb: The voltages are proportional to the resistances.

voltage divider


formula 01
formula 02
formula 03
formula 04
This is an unloaded voltage divider with the four values of the input voltage V0,
the output voltage V2, and the divider resistors R1 and R2. Any three values can
be entered into the calculator. The fourth value will then be calculated.

Input voltage V0  volts
Upper resistance  R1  ohms 
Lower resistance R2  ohms 
Output voltage V2  volts
Calculator: Voltage divider with load (potentiometer)
Connecting an interface with Zout and Zin as impedance
Voltage division ratio α = Ratio (Output Voltage to Input Voltage) = Vout / Vin
Z2 = (α × Z1) / (1 − α)
dB (level) = 20 × log α
Vout = Vin × [Z2 / (Z1 + Z2)]

 Voltage damping D = 20 × log10 ( Vout  ) dB 
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Voltage divider, loaded or unloaded

In sound engineering there is no Power matching or Impedance matching.
In audio we use only
Voltage bridging or high Impedance bridging.
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