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Conversion of acceleration units

Definition: acceleration = changing of the velocity per time unit.
a = Δ v / t; a = acceleration, v = velocity, t = time.
The SI unit of the acceleration is m / s2.

Fill in the appropriate line the known acceleration value

Attention: Do not re-enter the exact number of an answer.
centimeters per second squared
feet per second squared
g (earth gravity)
galileo (gal)
inches per second squared
kilometers per hour per second
kilometers per second squared
meters per second squared
miles per hour squared
miles per second squared
millimeters per second squared

Conversions of other acceleration units

Acceleration conversion chart

Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent m/s2
celo ft/s2 0.30480 m/s2
centimeter per second squared cm/s2 1×10−2 m/s2
foot per second squared ft/s2 0.30480 m/s2
g gravitational acceleration g 9.806650 m/s2
galileo   1×10−2 m/s2
inch per second squared in/s2 2.540×10−2 m/s2
kilometer per hour per second km/h-s 0.27777778 m/s2
kilometer per second squared km/s2 1000 m/s2
leo   10 m/s2
meter per second squared m/s2 1 m/s2
mile (stat.) per hour per second mph/s, mi/h-s 0.44704 mph/s2
normal acceleration gn 9.806650 m/s2
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