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Conversion of dB (decibel) to bel
Logarithmic  ratios as levels (prefixes)
Conversion of international level units decibels and bels
kilobels (kB) 
hectobels (hB) 
 decabels (daB) 
bels (B) 
 decibels (dB) 
centibels (cB) 
millibels (mB) 
 microbels (µB) 
The level L is the ratio we are using with sound recording techniques, that is in bel (after Alexander Graham Bell) or in tenth part of it as decibel. Definition: dB is the twentyfold decadic logarithm of the ratio of two linear values x1 and x0: Level L = 20 × log (x1 / x0), where x0 is the reference point.
Question: The dynamic region of a standard audio CD is 96 dB. How many bels are this?
 Help: 1 dm = 0.1 m and 1 dB = 0.1 bel 
1 m = 10 dm and 1 bel = 10 dB
A given power level P, measured with respect to the reference power level Pref,
would be equal to Formula. So, 1 bel = 10 dB.

Conversion from neper to decibel and vice versa

Note: There is no conversion formula for measured       
           dB values to weighted dBA values or vice versa.

How to calculate decibels?
Convert number relations (ratio) to dB level - number - factor - ratio - parameter
Impedance bridging or Voltage bridging Zout < Zin
Relative level - decibel chart and dB conversion calculator
Conversion of Voltage level Lu, Lu, and LV and vice versa
Conversion: Voltage V to Level, dB, dBu, dBV, and dBm
Conversion of Prefixes
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