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Conversions of velocity or speed units

Speed (velocity) v = distance d / time t

This program converts English and American measures to metric units
kilometers per hour (km/h):
meters per second (m/s):
miles per hour (mph, mi/h):
feet per minute (ft/min):
knots (kts):
mach number (speed of sound) at 0°C:

There are really no kmh. Correct is kilometer per hour, that is km/h.

Definition: 1 knot = 1 nautical mile per hour = 5080 feet per hour = 1.852 km/h = 0.514444 m/s.

Mach number (Ma) (pronounced in British English with a Germanic ch, as "mack" or "mark"
and as "mock" in American English) is defined as a ratio of the speed of an object or flow
relative to the speed of sound in the medium through which it is travelling: v0/vs, where
is the speed of the object and vs is the speed of sound in the medium.
The speed of sound is much temperature dependent. Look here at the bottom.

Conversions of many more velocity and speed units

Speed and velocity conversion chart

To convert from: to: multiply by:
foot per hour (ft/h) meter per second (m/s) 8.466 667×10-5
foot per minute (ft/min) meter per second (m/s) 5.08×10-3
foot per second (ft/s) meter per second (m/s) 3.048×10-1
inch per second (in/s) meter per second (m/s) 2.54×10-2
kilometer per hour (km/h) meter per second (m/s) 2.777 778×10-1
knot (nautical mile per hour) meter per second (m/s) 5.144 444×10-1
mile per hour (mi/h) meter per second (m/s) 4.470 4×10-1
mile per hour (mi/h) kilometer per hour (km/h) 1.609 344
mile per minute (mi/min) meter per second (m/s) 2.682 24×10+1
mile per second (mi/s) meter per second (m/s) 1.609 344×103
revolution per minute (rpm) (r/min) radian per second (rad/s) 1.047 198×10-1
rpm (revolution per minute) (r/min) radian per second (rad/s) 1.047 198×10-1

Speed (velocity) units conversion chart

Sorted from slow to fast

Name of speed unit, v Relation to SI unit metre/second, m/s
metre per second ≡ 1 m/s
foot per hour; fph; ft/h ≈ 8.466 667×10-5 m/s
furlong per fortnight ≈ 1.663 095×10-4 m/s
inch per minute; ipm; in/min ≈ 4.233 333 333×10-4 m/s
foot per minute; fpm; ft/min ≡ 5.08×10-3 m/s
inch per second; ips; in/s ≡2.54×10-2 m/s
kilometre per hour; km/h ≈ 2.777 777 778×10-1 m/s
foot per second; fps; ft/s ≡ 3.048×10-1 m/s
mile per hour; mph; mi/h ≡ 0.447 04 m/s
statute mile per hour; mph ≈ 0.447 041 m/s
knot; kn; NM/h ≡ 1.852 km/h ≈ 0.514 444 m/s
knot (Admiralty); kn ≡ 1.853 184 km/h ≈ 0.514 773 m/s
mile per minute; mpm; mi/min ≡ 26.8224 m/s
mile per second; mps; mi/s ≡ 1.609 344 km/s
speed of light in vacuum; c ≡ 2.997 924 58×108 m/s

NM = nautical mile.

 knot, international (kt)   = 0,514444 m/s 
knot (imperial knot)   = 0,514772 m/s
knot (US knot)   = 0,514791 m/s
1 mile nautical/h   = 1 knot
1 mach number at 0°C   = 1192 km/h
1 mach number at 20°C   = 1236 km/h

Difference between speed and velocity

Speed is a distance an object goes. Velocity is a measurement of speed and direction.
Speed is a scalar quantity - it only has magnitude. Velocity is a vector quantity - it has
both magnitude and direction.

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