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• Conversion of time units •
Fill in the appropriate line the known time value

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atomic unit of time
days (sidereal)
Jordan's elementary time
months (30 days)
months (sidereal)
months (solar mean)
months (synodic), lunar month
years (astronomical), Bessel year
years (calendar)
years (sidereal)
years (solar mean)
years (tropical)

Conversions of other time units

Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent s
atomic unit of time a.u. 2.41888432650516×10−17 s
blink   0.86400000000000 s
day d 8.64000000000000×10+4 s
day (sidereal) d (sider.) 8.61640905000000×10+4 s
fortnight   1.20960000000000×10+6 s
hour h 3600 s
Jordan's elementary time   9.39960000000000×10−24 s
microsecond µs 1×10−6 s
millisecond ms 1×10−3 s
minute min 60 s
month (30 days)   2.592000000000000×10+6 s
month (sidereal)   2.36059×10+6 s
month (solar mean)   2.628×10+6 s
month (synodic), lunar month   2.55144×10+6 s
nano second ns 1×10−9 s
second s 1 s
shake   1×10−8 s
week w 6.048×10+5 s
wink   3.33333333333333×10−10 s
year (astronomical), Bessel year  a astr. 3.16877865764199×10+7 s
year (calendar) a, y 3.17097919837646×10+7 s
year (sidereal)   3.16875360110507×10+7 s
year (solar mean) a, y 3.16880878140289×10+7 s
year (tropical) a trop. 3.16887653578328×10+7 s
• 365 days - a common year in many solar calendars; ~31.53 million seconds
• 365.24219 days - a mean tropical year near the year 2000
• 365.2424 days - a vernal equinox year.
• 365.2425 days - the average length of a year in the Gregorian calendar
• 365.25 days - the average length of a year in the Julian calendar; the light year is based on it
• it is 31,557,600 seconds
•365.2564 days - a sidereal year
• 366 days - a leap year in many solar calendars; 31.62 million seconds
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