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● Calculate logarithm

The logarithm of a value of an arbitrary base can
be calculated, as well as all inverse calculations.

Formula: Logarithm, that means also Exponent
The logarithm of the number a in base b is the exponent x such that a = bx

log 2  =   lg, sometimes ld
log e  =   ln or log
log 10  =   lg, sometimes log

Shortened spelling:

log10 x  =   lg x
loge x  =   ln x
log2 x  =   lb x

Please enter two values, the third will be calculated.

 a (number): 
 b (base): 
 x (exponent): 
 Decimal places:   

The natural logarithm ln is, when the base b = e. Euler's number e = 2.718281828459...

What is the logarithm of 4? Answer 0.60206 (exponent). Base b = 10. log 4 = 0.60206
What number the has exponent x = 0.81292? Answer 6.5 (number). Base b = 10. 100.81292 = 6.5

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