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Calculation: Resistor pairs - reverse engineered calculator
• Search of R1 and R2 with known target resistance
Resistor calculation: The calculator searches the values for the resistor pairs R1 and R2 from
the E24 range of preferred values, which build paralleled the known target resistance.

 Known target resistance   ohms
Tolerance on search   percent
 Found resistances
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In the area of electronics design, accurate resistor values are needed, such as in active filters, synthesizers, etc. These values are not to get with one resistor from the usual E24 range.
Calculating reverse engineering resistor pairs by hand is tedious and time consuming even with a pocket calculator.

Search the target resistance, when 2 or more known resistors are paralleled:
Parallel Resistance Calculator

Resistors E6 (±20%), resistors E12 (±10%), and resistors E24 (±5%)

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