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● The pressure gradient and the phase
Fact: The pressure gradient is ahead of the sound pressure at 90°.
Phase of the S signal at the microphone with figure-eight pattern in
opposite to the M signal at the microphone with omni-directional pattern?

See: "Soundfield Quantities of a Plane Wave The Amplitudes":
When looking at the curves of displacement, sound pressure, sound velocity and pressure gradient there comes a question:
If the pressure gradient is always 90° ahead to the sound pressure, why is MS stereophony with an omni-directional pressure microphone and a pressure gradient figure-of-eight microphone no problem?
The frequency response of the pressure gradient increases with frequency at 6 dB/octave. To compensate for this, these microphones are "tuned damped". In the electrical analogy,this represents an RC pad above its transition frequency causes a drop of 6 dB/octave, and shifts the phase constant at −90°. In the whole area in which the "pressure gradient figure-of-eight microphone" has a constant frequency response, thus, the phase is equal to the "pressure omni-directional microphone".

Druckgradient und Druck sengpielaudio

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