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• Conversion of work, and quantity of energy units •
Definition: The SI unit of energy E = work W is the joule. 1 J = 1 Nm = 1 Ws.
E = W = P × t.
Energy can not be produced, but only transformed.
The energy of a system itself can not be measured. It will be calculated.

Fill in the appropriate line the known energy value
Attention: Do not re-enter the exact number of an answer.
atomic energy unit
British thermal units (4 °C)
British thermal units (16 °C)
British thermal units (mean)
BTU (mean)
BTU (thermal)
BTU (int)
calories (int)
calories (mean)
calories (therm)
calories 16 °C
calories 20 °C
Celsius heat unit (int.)
cubic centimeter atmospheres
cubic foot atmospheres
cubic meter atmospheres
dyne centimeters
electron volts
foot-pounds (force)
gram calories (mean)
horsepower hours
horsepower hours (metric)
inch pounds
joules = Nm = Ws
joules (international)
kilogram calories (int.)
kilogram force meters
kilowatt hours
kilowatt minutes
kilowatt seconds
megawatt hours
newton meters
therms (EC)
therms (US)
watt hours
watt seconds

Conversions of other energy units

Energy conversion chart

Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent J
atomic unit of energy E h 4.35975×10-18 J
barrel oil equivalent bboe 6.12×10+9 J
boe (barrel oil equivalent) bboe 6.12×10+9 J
BeV (billion eV) BeV 1.60218×10-10 J
British thermal unit (ISO) Btu (ISO) 1055.06 J
British thermal unit (IT) Btu (IT) 1055.055 J
British thermal unit (mean) Btu (mean) 1055.87 J
British thermal unit (thermochemical) Btu (therm.) 1054.350 J
calorie (4 °C) cal 4 4.2045 J
calorie (16 °C) cal 16 4.185 J
calorie (diet kilocalorie) Cal, kcal 4180 J
calorie (IT) (International Steam Table)  cal (IT) 4.18674 J
calorie (mean) cal mean 4.19002 J
calorie (thermochemical) cal (therm.) 4.184 J
Celsius-heat unit Chu 1899.18 J
coulomb volt C-V 1 J
cubic centimeter-atm c3-atm 0.101325 J
cubic foot atm ft3-atm 2869.2 J
electronvolt eV 1.602177×10-19 J
erg erg 1×10-7 J
foot-pound force ft-lbf 1.35582 J
foot-poundal ft-pdl 4.21401×10-2 J
gigaelectronvolt GeV 1.60218×10-10 J
gram calorie gram-cal 4.18674 J
hartree E h 4.35975×10-18 J
horsepower (550 ft-lbf/s)-hour Hp-h 2.68452×10+6 J
inch pound force in-lbf 0.112985 J
joule J 1 J
kilocalorie (4 °C) kcal 4 4204.5 J
kilocalorie (16 °C) kcal 16 4185.5 J
kiloelectronvolt keV 1.60218×10-16 J
kilojoule kJ 1000 J
kiloton TNT equivalent kt (TNT) 4.18×12 J
kilowatt-hour kWh 3.6×6 J
megaelectronvolt MeV 1.60218×10-13 J
megajoule MJ 6 J
megaton TNT equivalent Mt (TNT) 4.18×1015 J
newton meter Nm 1 J
Q unit   1.05506×1021 J
quadrillion, quad quad 1.055056×1018 J
rydberg Ry 2.17987×10-18 J
tce (tonne coal equivalent) tce 2.929×1010 J
therm (EC)   1.05506×108 J
therm (US)   1.054804×108 J
thermie (16 °C) th 16° 4.1855×106 J
toe (tonne oil equivalent) toe 4.187×1010 J
ton TNT equivalent ton (TNT) 4.18×109 J
tonne coal equivalent tce 2.929×1010 J
tonne oil equivalent toe 4.187×1010 J
watt hour Wh 3600 J
watt second Ws 1 J
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