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• Conversion of area or surface units •

A is the symbol of the area measured in square meters = m2.

Fill in the appropriate line the known area value

Attention: Do not re-enter the exact number of an answer.
labors (US survey)
square calibers
square centimeters (cm2)
square cubits
square digits
square fathoms
square feet
square furlongs
square inches (in2)
square kilometers (km2)
square meters (m2)
square miles (int. nautical)
square miles (int.)
square millimeter (mm2)
square rods
square yards
Conversions of other area or surface units

Area conversion chart

Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent m2
acre ac, acre 4046.86 m2
are a 100 m2
barn b 1×10-28 m2
centare 1/100 of an are 1 m2
circular inch c in 5.06707×10-4 m2
circular mil c mil 5.06707×10-10 m2
hectare ha 1×104 m2
morgen (Dutch)   8244.35 m2
morgen (Prussian)   2532.24 m2
morgen (South Africa)   8565.3 m2
quarter section   6.47497×105 m2
rood (UK)   1011.715 m2
section (square statute mile) sq.mi, mi2 (stat.) 2.58998811×106 m2
shed   1×10-52 m2
square centimeter cm2 1×10-4 m2
square chain (engineer's) sq. ch. (engineer's) 929.03 m2
square chain (Gunter's) sq. ch. (Gunter's) 404.68725 m2
square decameter dam2 100 m2
square decimeter dm2 1×10-2 m2
square femtometer fm2 1×10-30 m2
square fermi f2 1×10-30 m2
square foot ft2 9.2903040×10-2 m2
square gigameter Gm2 1×1018 m2
square hectometer hm2 1×104 m2
square inch in2, sq. in 6.45160×10-4 m2
square kilometer km2 1×106 m2
square megameter Mm2 1×1012 m2
square meter m2 1 m2
square micrometer µm2 1×10-1 m2
square mil mil2 6.45160×10-10 m2
square mile (geographical) sq. mi. (geogr.) 5.508×107 m2
square mile (int. naut.) sq. mi. (int. naut.) 3.4299×106 m2
square mile (int.) sq. mi. (int.) 2.59×106 m2
square millimeter mm2 1×10-6 m2
square nanometer n m2 1×10-18 m2
square perch rd2 25.29285264 m2
square petameter Pm2 1×1030 m2
square picometer pm2 1×10-24 m2
square pole rd2 25.29285264 m2
square rod rd2 25.29285264 m2
square terameter Tm2 1×1024 m2
square yard yd2, sq. yd 0.836127360 m2
square yoctometer ym2 1×10-48 m2
square yottameter Ym2 1×1048 m2
square zeptometer zm2 1×10-42 m2
square zettameter Zm2 1×1042 m2
township (US)   9.3239572×107 m2
vergee (Jersey)   1798.6023 m2
vergees (Guernsey)   1541.66 m2

Square millimeter   mm²   1  mm²  = 0,000001 m²
Square centimeter  cm²  1  cm²  =  0,0001 m²
Square decimeter dm²  1  dm² = 0,01 m²
Square meter  1  = 0,01 a
Are a  1  a = 100 m²
Hectare ha  1  ha = 10000 m²
Square kilometer km²  1  km² = 1000000 m²

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