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Andreas Gernemann: Stereo+C: An All-Purpose Arrangement of Microphones Using Three Frontal Channels
AES Convention: 110 (May 2001) - Paper Number: 5367
E-Library Location: (CD aes 18) /pp2001/pp0105/110112.pdf
Jörg Wuttke: General Considerations on Audio Multi-Channel Recording
AES Conference: 19th (June 2001) - Paper Number: 1892
E-Library Location: (CD aes 18) /intl2001/2001sc06/1892.pdf
Helmut Wittek and Günther Theile: The Recording Angle - Based on Localisation Curves
AES Convention: 112 (April 2002) - Paper Number: 5568
E-Library Location: (CD aes 19) /pp2002/pp0205/000253.pdf
Edwin Pfanzagl-Cardone: In the Light of 5.1 Surround: Why "AB-Polycardioid Centerfill" (AB-PC) is Superior
for Symphony-Orchestra Recording
AES Convention: 112 (April 2002) - Paper Number: 5565
E-Library Location: (CD aes 19)/pp2002/pp0205/000211.pdf
Gerhard Steinke: Room-acoustical and Technological Aspects for Mulichannel Recordings of Classic Music
AES Convention: 112 (April 2002) - Paper Number: 5561
E-Library Location: (CD aes 19) /pp2002/pp0205/000145.pdf
Clemens Kuhn, Renato Pellegrini, Etienne Corteel, Dieter Leckschat: An Approach to Miking and Mixing of
Music Ensembles Using Wave Field Synthesis
AES Convention: 115 (October 2003) - Paper Number: 5929
E-Library Location: (CD aes 20) /pp2003/pp0310/00007.pdf
Ralph Kessler: An Optimized Method for Capturing Multidimensional "Acoustic Fingerprints"
AES Convention: 118 (May 2005) - Paper Number: 6342
E-Library Location: (CD 118 Papers) /118/6342.pdf
Ingolf Bork, Thomas Goerne, Udo Potratz: Designing Early Reflection Patterns Suitable for Audio Recordings
by Means of Acoustic Modeling
AES Convention: 118 (May 2005) - Paper Number: 6508
E-Library Location: (CD 118 Papers) /118/6508.pdf
Jörg Wuttke: Surround Recording of Music: Problems and Solutions
AES Convention: 119 (October 2005) - Paper Number: 6556
E-Library Location: (CD 119 Papers) /119/6556.pdf
Martha de Francisco, Sungyoung Kim, William L. Martens, Atsushi Marui, Kent Walker: Examination of the
Influence of Musical Selection on Listener Preferences for Multichannel Microphone Technique
AES Conference: 28th International Conference (June 2006) - Paper Number: 9-2
E-Library Location: (CD 28th Papers) /28/aes28-000062.pdf
Robert Hoeldrich, Edwin Pfanzagl-Cardone: Frequency-Dependent Signal-Correlation in Surround- And
Stereo-Microphone Systems and the Blumlein-Pfanzagl-Triple (BPT)
AES Convention: 124 (May 2008) - Paper Number: 7476
E-Library Location: (CD 124 Papers) /124/7476.pdf
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