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Conversion of weight and mass units Weights
The kilogramm is the SI basic unit of the mass in kg and the symbol of mass is m.
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carats (troy)
cloves (UK)
drams (apoth)
drams (avdp)
drams (troy)
dynes square second per centimeter
grains (apoth, avdp, troy)
grams g
hundredweights (long)
hundredweights (short)
kilograms kg
micrograms µg
milligrams mg
ounces (apoth)
ounces (avdp)
ounces (troy)
pennyweights (troy)
pounds (apoth)
pounds (avdp)
pounds (troy)
scruples (UK, apoth)
tons (long)
tonnes (metric)
tons (short)
The question: "What is the weight of one kilogram-force = 1 kilopond?" is easy to answer:
The kilopond (kgf) is old and there is no use. Do not think about it: One kilopond = 1 kp weighs exact 1 kilogram = 1 kg.
Who wants to know more: In 1960 the force unit kilopond (kgf) was changed to Newton in the SI system. 1 kp = 9.80665 N.
The SI unit of weight is the Newton in N = kg·m/s2 is named after Sir Isaac Newton for his work on Newtonian mechanics.
One Newton on the surface of the Earth is equal to 101.972 grams, 0.224809 lb, or 3.59694 oz.
Objects that weigh one Newton on the Earth's surface include a quarter-pound burger, a stick of margarine,
and coincidentally a medium size apple given the alleged story of how Newton discovered gravity.

Conversions of other weight or mass units

Weight conversion chart

Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent kg
atomic unit of mass (electron rest mass) m 0, m e 9.10938×10-31 kg
assay ton   2.9167×10-2 kg
atomic unit of mass (1 H) u, uma, Da(1 H), AMU 1.67353×10-27 kg
atomic unit of mass (12 C) u, uma, Da(12 C), AMU 1.66054×10-27 kg
atomic unit of mass (16 O) u, uma, Da(16 O), AMU 1.66001×10-27 kg
attogram ag 1×10-21 kg
avogram   1.66036×10-24 kg
bag (UK, cement)   42.6377 kg
carat (metric) ct. 2×10-4 kg
carat (troy) ct (troy) 2.05197×10-4 kg
cental cH, cwt 45.3592 kg
centigram cg 1×10-5 kg
dalton (atomic unit of mass) u, uma, Da 1.66054×10-27 kg
decagram dag 1×10-2 kg
decigram dg 1×10-4 kg
dram (troy) dr (troy) 3.88793460×10-3 kg
dram or drachm (apothecary) dr (ap.), dr (apoth.) 3.8879346×10-3 kg
dram or drachm (avoirdupois) dr (av.), dr (avdp) 1.77185195625×10-3 kg
electron rest mass (a.u. of mass) m 0 , m e 9.10939·10-3 kg
e·agram Eg 1×1015 kg
femtogram fg 1×10-18 kg
gamma (mass) g 1×10-9 kg
geepound (slug) slug 14.5939 kg
gigagram Gg 1×106 kg
grain (apothecary) gr (apoth.), gr (ap.) 6.47989111×10-5 kg
grain (avoirdupois) gr (av.) 6.47989111×10-5 kg
grain (troy) gr (troy) 6.47989111×10-5 kg
gram g 1×10-3 kg
hectogram hg 0.1 kg
hundredweight (gross or long) cH, cwt, lg cwt 50.802345440 kg
hundredweight (net or short) sh. cwt 45.3592370 kg
hundredweight (UK, avoirdupois) cwt (av.) 50.80234544 kg
hyl Hyl, hyl 9.80665 kg
kilogram kg 1 kg
kilopound (kip) kip 453.592 kg
load (UK)   587.856 kg
load (UK, wool)   952.544 kg
long ton (UK) lg ton (UK) 1016.05 kg
megagram Mg 1000 kg
metric slug (hyl) mug 9.80665 kg
microgram µg 1×10-9 kg
milligram mg 1×10-6 kg
MKpS unit of mass   9.80665 kg
mug (hyl, metric clug, par, TME) mug 9.80665 kg
nanogram ng 1×10-12 kg
ounce (apothecary) oz (apoth.), oz (ap.) 3.110347680×10-2 kg
ounce (avoirdupois) oz (advp.), oz (av.) 2.8349523130×10-2 kg
ounce (troy) oz (troy) 3.110347680×10-2 kg
par (hyl, mug, metric slug) par 9.806650 kg
pennyweight (troy) dwt (troy) 1.55517384×10-3 kg
petagram Pg 1×1012 kg
picogram pg 1×10-15 kg
pound lb 0.453592370 kg
pound (avoirdupois) lb (av.) 0.453592370 kg
pound (troy) lb (troy), lb (tr.) 0.37324172160 kg
pound (UK, new hay) lb (UK, new hay) 0.272155 kg
pound (UK, obsolete hay) lb (UK, obsolete hay) 0.291595 kg
pound (UK, straw) lb (UK, straw) 0.453592370 kg
pound (US) lb (US) 0.453592370 kg
quarter (UK, mass)   12.70058636 kg
quarter (US, long)   254.012 kg
quarter (US, short)   226.796 kg
quintal (metric) q 100 kg
quintal (US, UK) quint. 45.3592 kg
sack (UK, weight)   158.757 kg
scruple (UK, US, apoth.) s, scr (ap.) 1.2959782×10-3 kg
short ton (US, ton) sh. Ton 907.185 kg
slug (geepound)   14.59390294 kg
stone (UK) st (UK) 6.350293180 kg
stone (UK, wool) st (UK, wool) 5.6699 kg
teragram Tg 1×109 kg
ton (metric) t 1000 kg
ton (UK, long) UK ton, lg ton 1016.05 kg
ton (US, short)   907.185 kg
tonne (metric) t 1000 kg
truss   16.3293 kg
yoctogram yg 1×10-27 kg
yottagram Yg 1×1021 kg
zeptogram zg 1×10-24 kg
zettagram Zg 1×1018 kg

Note: The Winchester bushel, formerly used in England, contained 2150.42 cubic inches equal to 4 pecks = 35.239072 litre,
being the volume of a cylinder 181/2 inches in internal diameter and eight inches in depth. The standard bushel
prepared by the United States Government and distributed to the States, hold each 77.6274 pounds of distilled
water, at 39.8 degree Fahrenheit. and 30 inches atmospheric pressure, being the equivalent of the
Winchester bushel. The imperial bushel now in use in England is larger than the Winchester bushel, containing
2218.2 cubic inches, equal 4 pecks, or 80 pounds of water at 62 degree Fahrenheit = 0.03636872 m3.

In the United States, a kip is a unit of mass that equals 1,000 avoirdupois pounds.

Avoirdupois weights

16 drams = 1 ounce
16 ounces = 1 pound
8 pounds = 1 butchers' stone
7 pounds = 1 clove
14 pounds = 1 stone
28 pounds = 1 tod
112 pounds = 1 hundredweight
364 pounds = 1 sack
2240 pounds = 1 ton
2 stones = 1 quarter
4 quarters = 1 hundredweight
20 hundredweight = 1 ton

Troy and apothecaries weights

1 ounce = 480 grains
1 ounce = 24 scruples
1 ounce = 20 pennyweights
1 ounce = 8 drams

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