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• Conversion of volume units or capacity •
The symbol of the volume is V and the SI unit is m3 (cubic meter)

Fill in the appropriate line the known volume value

Attention: Do not re-enter the exact number of an answer.
barrels (UK oil)
barrels (US oil)
board feet
bushels (UK)
bushels (US, dry)
cubic centimeters (cm3)
cubic feet (ft3)
cubic inches (in3)
cubic meters (m3)
cubic millimeters (mm3)
cubic yards = ft3/27
cups (US, flu)
drams (UK, flu)
drams (US, flu)
firkins (UK, flu)
gallons (UK)
gallons (US, dry)
gallons (US, flu)
gills (UK)
gills (US, flu)
liter (dm3)
minims (UK)
minims (US)
ounces (UK, flu)
ounces (US, flu)
pecks (UK)
pecks (US, dry)
pints (UK)
pints (US, dry)
pints (US, flu)
quarts (UK)
quarts (US, dry)
quarts (US, flu)
tablespoons (US)
teaspoons (US)

Conversions of other volume units

Volume Conversion Chart

Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent m3
acre foot acre-ft 1233.48 m3
bag (UK)   0.109106 m3
barrel (US, cranb.) bbl (US, cranb.)  9.5471×10-2 m3
barrel (US, liq.) bbl (US, liq.) 0.11924 m3
barrel (US, petrol) bbl (US, petrol) 0.158987 m3
board foot measure fbm, B.M. 2.35974×10-3 m3
bouteille   7.57682×10-4 m3
bucket (UK) bk (UK) 1.81844×10-2 m3
bushel (UK) bu (UK) 3.63687×10-2 m3
bushel (US, dry) bu (US, dry) 3.52391×10-2 m3
butt (UK) bt (UK) 0.490978 m3
centiliter cl, cL 1×10-5 m3
chaldron (UK) chal (UK) 1.30927 m3
cran cran 0.170478 m3
cubic attometer am3 1×10-54 m3
cubic centimeter cm3 1×10-6 m3
Mohr cubic centimeter  cc 1.00238×10-6 m3
cubic decameter dam3 1000 m3
cubic decimeter dm3 1×10-3 m3
cubic e·ameter Em3 1×10+54 m3
cubic femtometer fm3 1×10-45 m3
cubic foot ft3 2.83168×10-2 m3
cubic gigameter Gm3 1×1027 m3
cubic hectometer hm3 1×106 m3
cubic inch in3 1.6387064×10-5 m3
cubic nanometer nm3 1×10-27 m3
cubic petameter Pm3 1×1045 m3
cubic picometer pm3 1×10-36 m3
cubic terameter Tm3 1×1036 m3
cubic yard yd3 0.76455485798 m3
cubic yoctometer ym3 1×10-72 m3
cubic yottameter Ym3 1×1072 m3
cubic zeptometer zm3 1×10-63 m3
cubic zettameter Zm3 1×1063 m3
cup (US, liq.) cup (US, liq.) 2.36588×10-4 m3
decaliter dal 1×10-2 m3
decastère dast 10 m3
deciliter dl 1×10-4 m3
decistère dst 0.1 m3
demiard   2.8413×10-4 m3
drachm (UK, fluid) fl dr (UK) 3.55163×10-6 m3
drachm (US, liq.) fl dr (US) 3.69669×10-6 m3
firkin (UK) fir (UK) 4.09148×10-2 m3
firkin (US, liq.) fir (US, liq.) 3.40687×10-2 m3
fluid dram (UK) fl dr (UK) 3.55163×10-6 m3
fluid dram (US) fl dr (US) 3.69669×10-6 m3
fluid ounce (UK) fl oz (UK) 2.84131×10-5 m3
fluid ounce (US) fl oz (US) 2.95735×10-5 m3
forty foot equivalent unit  FEU, FEQ 72.4911 m3
gallon (UK) gal (UK), imp. Gal  4.54609188×10-3 m3
gallon (US, dry) gal (US, dry) 4.40488×10-3 m3
gallon (US, liq.) gal (US, liq.) 3.785411784×10-3 m3
gill (UK) gi (UK) 1.42065371×10-4 m3
gill (US, liq.) gi (US, liq.) 1.1829411825×10-4 m3
hectoliter hl, hL 0.1 m3
hogshead (US, liq.) hhd, hgs 0.238481 m3
jéroboam (jeroboam)   3.03073×10-3 m3
jigger   4.43603×10-5 m3
kilderkin (UK)   8.18297×10-2 m3
last (UK)   2.9095 m3
liter L, l 1×10-3 m3
magnum   1.51536×10-3 m3
mease (UK) cran 0.170478 m3
microliter µl 1×10-9 m3
milliliter ml, mL 1×10-6 m3
minim (UK) min (UK) 5.9194×10-8 m3
minim (US) min (US) 6.16115×10-8 m3
ounce (UK, liq.) fl oz (UK) 2.84131×10-5 m3
ounce (US, liq.) fl oz (US) 2.95735×10-5 m3
peck (UK) pk (UK) 9.09218×10-3 m3
peck (US, dry) pk (US, dry) 8.80977×10-3 m3
pint (UK) pt (UK) 5.68261485×10-4 m3
pint (US, dry) pt (US, dry) 5.50611×10-4 m3
pint (US, liq.) pt (US, liq.) 4.73176473×10-4 m3
pipe (US, liq.)   0.476962 m3
pottle (UK)   2.27305×10-3 m3
quart (UK) qt (UK) 1.13652297×10-3 m3
quart (US, dry) qt (US, dry) 1.10122×10-3 m3
quart (US, liquid) qt (US, liq.) 9.46352946×10-4 m3
quarter (UK, capacity)   0.29095 m3
roquille (UK)   1.42065×10-4 m3
roquille (US)   1.18294×10-4 m3
sack (UK) sk (UK) 0.109106 m3
scruple (UK, fluid)   1.18388×10-6 m3
standard (Petrograd)   4.67228 m3
tablespoon (metric)   1.5×10-5 m3
tablespoon (US)   1.478676×10-5 m3
teaspoon (metric)   5×10-6 m3
teaspoon (US)   4.92892×10-6  m3
tun (US, liq.)   0.953924 m3
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