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Conversion of speed or velocity  units

Definition: speed (velocity) = path / time; v = d / t; d = distance, t = time
The SI unit of speed is meter per second (m/s). Another unit is kilometer per hour

Fill in the appropriate line the known velocity (speed) value
Attention: Do not re-enter the exact number of an answer.
centimeters per minute cm/min
centimeters per second cm/s
inches per second
kilometers per hour km/h
knots (noeud)
meter per hourm/h
meters per minute/min
meters per second m/s
miles (naut.)/hour (knot, noeud)
miles (stat.)/hour
miles (stat.)/minute
millimeters per minute mm/min
millimeters per second mm/s
speed of light
yards per second

Conversions of other velocity or speed units

Velocity conversion table

Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent m/s
benz Bz 1 m/s
centimeter per minute cm/min 1.66667×10−4 m/s
centimeter per second cm/s 1×10−2 m/s
foot per hour ft/h, fph 8.46667×10−5 m/s
foot per minute ft/min, fpm 5.08×10−3 m/s
foot per second ft/s, fps 0.3048 m/s
furlong per fortnight furlong/fortnight 1.66309×10−4 m/s
inch per second in/s, ips 2.54×10−2 m/s
kilometer per hour km/h 0.277778 m/s
knot (noeud) kn, knot 0.514444 m/s
kyne cm/s 1×10−2 m/s
meter per minute m/min 1.66667×10−2 m/s
meter per second m/s 1 m/s
mil per year mpy 8.04327×10−13 m/s
mile (naut.) per hour (knot, noeud)   0.514444 m/s
mile (stat.) per hour mph, mi/h 0.44704 m/s
mile (stat.) per minute mi/min 26.8224 m/s
millimeter per minute mm/min 1.66667×10−5 m/s
millimeter per second mm/s 1×10−3 m/s
speed of light c m/s 2.99792458×10+8 m/s
speed of sound c m/s 343 m/s at 20°C in air

There are really no kmh. Correct is kilometer per hour, that is km / h.

Speed of sound and acoustic velocity

Speed is the rate of change of distance with time.
Velocity is a measure of both speed and direction of a moving object.
Velocity is the rate of change of displacement with time.
Speed is a distance an object goes, velocity is measurment of speed AND direction.

In a given ideal gas the sound speed depends only on its temperature. The speed of sound in still air at 0 degrees Celsius is 331.3 m/s. It depends on the temperature, and the material. Since sound is more easily transmitted between close molecules, it travels faster in the denser substance. Thus the speed of sound increases with the stiffness of the material.

In conventional use and in scientific literature sound velocity is the same as speed of sound or acoustic velocity.Sound velocity c should not be confused with sound particle velocity v, which is the velocity of the individual particles.

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