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Conversion of length and distance units

Definition: The length of 1 meter is a SI unit.
The sign is m and the symbol is l.

Fill in the appropriate line the known length value

Attention: Do not re-enter the exact number of an answer.

atomic units of length
astronomical units
bolts (cloth)
cables (US, Survey)
chains (engineer)
chains (Gunter)
chains (Ramden)
chains (US, survey)
cubits (UK)
fathoms (US, survey)
feet (international)
feet (US, Survey)
furlongs (US, survey)
gigameters Gm
hands (horses)
hectometers hm
light years
meters m
micrometers µm (microns)
miles (Int, US nautisch)
miles (international)
miles (UK nautical)
miles (US statute)
miles (US survey)
nails (cloth)
paces (geometrical)
paces (US, survey)
perchs (US survey)
points (Druck)
poles (US survey)
ranges (US survey)
yards (international)
yards (UK)

Inches and centimeters in comparison

Conversions of other length units

1 kilometer ( km ) = 1000 meters, 1 meters = 100 cm, 1 cm = 10 mm,
1 mile = 5280 feet, 1 yard ( yd ) = 3 feet (ft), 1 fathom = 6 feet, 1 chain (ch) = 66 feet

Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent m
atomic unit of length a.u., a 0, b 5.29177×10-11 m
angstrom Å 1×10-10 m
arcmin arcmin 2.90888×10-4 m
astronomical unit AU, UA 1.4959787066×1011 m
attometer am 1×10-18 m
barleycorn (UK) 1/3 inch 8.46666667×10-3 m
bohr (first Bohr radius) a 0 , b 5.2917725×10-11 m
bolt (US cloth)   36.576 m
button (UK) line (UK) 2.11667×10-3 m
button (US) line (US) 6.35×10-4 m
cable length (int.)   185.2 m
cable length (UK)   185.318 m
cable length (US)   219.456 m
caliber (centiinch) caliber, cin 2.54×10-4 m
centimeter cm 1×10-2 m
chain (engineer's) ch 30.48 m
chain (Gunter's) ch 20.1168402337 m
chain (Ramsden's) ch 30.48 m
chain (surveyor's) ch 20.1168 m
cubit (UK)   0.4572 m
decameter dam 10 m
decimeter dm 0.1 m
electron classical radius r e 2.81794×10-15 m
ell   1.143 m
ems (pica)   4.2175×10-3 m
e·ameter Em 1×1018 m
fathom = 2 yd fath 1.8288 m
femtometer fm 1×10-15 m
fermi F, f 1×10-15 m
first Bohr radius a 0 , b , a.u. 5.29177×10-11 m
foot ft 0.3048 m
French fr 3.33333×10-4 m
furlong (UK) fur 201.168 m
furlong (US) fur 201.168 m
gigameter Gm 1×109 m
hand (UK) hd 0.1016 m
hectometer hm 100 m
hubble   9.46053×1024 m
inch in 2.54×10-2 m
kilometer km 1000 m
kiloparsec kpc 3.08568×1019 m
league (Canadian)   4827 m
league (int. naut.) leag. (int. naut.) 5556 m
league (statute, land) leag. (stat.) 4828.03 m
league (UK, naut.) leag. (UK, naut.) 5559.55 m
league (US, naut.) leag. (US, naut.) 5559.55 m
light-day   2.59021×1013 m
light-hour   1.07925×1012 m
light-minute   1.79875×1010 m
light-second   2.99792458×108 m
light-year ly 9.460730473×1015 m
line (UK) ine (UK) 2.11667×10-3 m
line (US) line (US) 6.35×10-4 m
link (engineer's)   0.3048 m
link (Gunter's)   0.201168 m
link (Ramsden's)   0.3048 m
link (surveyor's)   0.201168 m
megameter Mm 1×106 m
meter m 1 m
microinch µin 2.54×10-8 m
micron = micometer µm 1×10-6 m
mil (thou) mil, thou 2.54×10-5 m
mile (geographical) mile (geogr.) 7421.59 m
mile (international) mi (int.) 1609.35 m
mile (nautical, international) mi (naut., int.) 1852 m
mile (nautical, telegraph) mi (naut., teleg.) 1855.32 m
mile (nautical, UK, US) mi (naut., UK, US) 1853.18 m
mile (statute, land) mi (stat.) 1609.344 m
mile (survey, US) mi (survey, US) 1609.35 m
millimeter mm 1×10-3 m
millimicron mµ, nm 1×10-9 m
nail (UK) 1/16 yd 0.05715 m
nanometer nm 1×10-9 m
nautical mile (international) mi (int. naut.) 1852 m
nautical mile (UK, US) mi (UK, US, naut.) 1853.18 m
pace (UK) = 30 inches 0.7620 m
palm (UK) = 3 inches 7.620×10-2 m
parsec pc 3.08568025×1016 m
perch (rod, pole) rd 5.0292 m
petameter Pm 1×1015 m
pica   4.21752×10-3 m
picometer pm 1×10-12 m
point (US printer's)   3.5146×10-4 m
pole (rod, perch) rd 5.0292 m
quadrant   1×107 m
rod (perch, pole) rd 5.02921005842 m
rope (UK)   6.096 m
span   0.2286 m
terameter Tm 1×1012 m
thou (mil) thou, mil 2.54×10-5 m
X-unit UX, X 1.002077×10-13 m
yard yd 0.9144 m
yoctometer ym 1×10-24 m
yottameter Ym 1×1024 m
zeptometer zm 1×10-21 m
zettameter Zm 1×1021 m

The international inch is defined in terms of the metric (!) system of units to be
exactly (!) 25.4 mm. This definition was agreed upon by the U.S. and the British
Commonwealth in 1958. Prior to that, the U.S. and Canada each had their own,
slightly different definition of the inch in terms of metric units, while the U.K. and
other Commonwealth countries defined the inch in terms of the Imperial Standard
Yard. The U.S. continued to use its previous national definition of the inch for
surveying purposes. This inch, known as the U.S. survey inch is defined so that
1 metre is exactly 39.37 survey inches. 1 survey inch equals approximately
25.40000508 mm, or 1.000002 international inches.

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