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AES/EBU is AES-3 - AES/EBU ist AES-3 - AES/EBU is AES-3
Need more information? AES3 has become the primary interconnection for digital audio. A practical understanding of its capabilities and limitations has become a required part of the engineer's knowledge base. Additional information on the AES standard is downloadable for no charge from the Audio Engineering Society Web site at:
AES3-2003; The core standard Die AES gibt diese Blätter leider nicht mehr kostenlos aus.
AES-3id; Implementation using 75V coaxial cable
AES-2id; Guidelines for use of the AES3 interface
AES5-2003; Preferred sampling frequencies
AES11-2003; Synchronization of audio devices
AES18-1996; Recommendations for the user data channel
You can find additional valuable information on system design in the following references:
Inside the AEA3-2003 digital audio standard - John Freberg
The Book II, More Engineering Guidance for the Digital Transition
Equal Loudness Tester - UNSW
Digital Audio Plant Integration: A Tutorial for Designing Digital Audio/Video Broadcast and Production Facilities
Specification of the Digital Audio Interface - (The AES3 = AES/EBU interface)
AES/EBU - Wikipedia
White Paper "Digitale Mikrofone und AES42"
Editors: Claudio Becker-Foss, DirectOut, Stephan Flock, DirectOut, Helmut Jahne, StageTec, Christian Langen & Helmut Wittek, SCHOEPS , Martin Werwein, LAWO
The Digital Microphone Interfaces in general - Neumann.Berlin
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