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Calculation: Active Audio Filter
Bass cut - CR filter, treble cut - RC filter, band pass
Original source (John Owen):

Type of filter
voltage gain
bandwidth in Hz, only band pass filter
frequency in kHz
value of C2 in nF
R1 = 
R2 = 
R3 = 
C1 = 
C2 = 
C3 = 
For a sound designer it is strange to cut off treble
frequencies with a low-pass filter and to cut off bass
frequencies with a high-pass filter. Filters change
the sound in special frequency regions.
Filters changing the bass frequencies are application-
oriented called low cut filter, bass cut filter, or rumble
filter. Filters changing the treble frequencies are
better called treble cut filter, high cut filter, or noise
When you want to build your own amplifier,
take better the following calculation values:
Thomas Kugelstadt, "Active Filter Design Technique"
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